There is strength in Polish coworking spaces! We are preparing to issue another report on how we are doing – we, Polish coworking spaces!

We are conducting research devoted to networking and changes taking place in Polish coworking spaces and other work places. This research will allow us to determine whether networking and coworking are developing and to see how this collaboration should be implemented in order to be effective.  The results of the report will be presented during the third edition of the COWORKING NOW conference.

Have you not participated in the study? Let us know! We will send you a questionnaire – your opinion matters!  

The research is absolutely anonymous, and your answers will be used to prepare the report, but also to determine the necessary lectures during our conference, Coworking Now! We believe that sharing knowledge is extremely important in every industry, and we love to learn from the best, that’s why we want to bring experts to our conference, who will also help solve the challenges of your coworking space! Well? Will you participate in this unique study? The questionnaire will take you up to 15 minutes and will be active until January 15.