Pauline Roussel

This is Pauline Roussel!

Do you know what she was doing over the past year? Together with Dimitar Inchev, her co-founder, they visited 360 coworking spaces in 40 cities around the world! Sounds like a great experience, doesn’t it? 😍

Pauline is the co-founder and CEO of Coworkies. After graduating from a business school in France, she spent the first years of her career working in the area of marketing and communication. She quickly understood that devoted community is the strongest brand’s asset! For many years, her job was connected with creating online communities. When she decided it was time for a change in her life, she found a position called “Chief Happiness Officer” – that’s how her love for coworking started!

She joined a coworking space in Berlin as the General Manager, where, together with her team, she built a strong and engaged community. She experienced cooperation, sharing and learning in a completely different, new dimension. There she also met Dimitar, with whom they co-founded Coworkies – the first global platform promoting  inspiring coworking communities around the world, facilitating more connections and cooperation between professionals.

 Pauline and Dimitar’s knowledge and experience will enable us to get a new perspective on community building in the workplace 😎

 Last but not least, Pauline and Dimitar are currently working on a book 📖  Around the world in 250 coworking spaces – a unique book project about coworking, community & design.


Pauline Roussel

Pauline Roussel

Coworkies, Germany

Selected the most inspiring speaker at last Coworking Now 2018,  she returns to the stage as well this year.

Do you know what she was doing over the past year? ...